PRISON officers at Victoria’s Fulham Prison will walk off the job tonight as part of an enterprise bargaining dispute.

The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) wants minimum staffing levels at the privately-run jail managed by the GEO group.

CPSU spokesman spokesman Julian Kennelly said officers had concerns about their health and safety unless such minimums were recognised.

“Fulham officers just want a safe workplace and are dismayed that GEO would put their profits above the well-being of their employees,” he said.

Fulham general manager Troy Ittensohn said in a statement he was “extremely disappointed” that prison staff will escalate the dispute by taking the proposed action.

“Management will run the prison for that period to ensure that the prisoners remain safe and the facility secure,” he said.

Mr Ittensohn said no date had been set by Fairwork Australia for further negotiations with the union.

Work bans are already in place at the Gippsland jail near Sale, which houses about 800 inmates.

In January, the jail was the site of a riot involving prisoners armed with gym equipment and gardening tools.