To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’ve put together a list of resources to help you encourage and support equality in your workplace.

In Australia, women and men have had equal rights at work for nearly 30 years, including rights to equal pay and protection from sexual harassment. However there is still a gap between the wages that men and women are paid.

Businesses can reduce staff turn around and become a desirable place of work by treating their male and female employees equally and work / life balance by introducing family friendly workplace practices to encourage work / life balance.

Equal pay

Read our Best Practice Guide on Gender pay equity to find out how to make sure your staff are paid equally.

Gender pay equality is about making sure that men and women are paid fairly for their work. Paying staff equally is good for businesses as it encourages fairness and respect, which helps staff stay motivated and enjoy their work.

Paying staff differently because of their gender is discrimination under the Fair Work Act.

Flexibility at work

Employees who are parents, or have caring responsibilities, can request flexible working arrangements. These requests can only be denied on ‘reasonable business grounds’. Find out more in our Requests for flexible working arrangements fact sheet (rtf 347KB) rtf icon.

Having a flexible workforce can help increase productivity. It also reduces unscheduled absences and increases job satisfaction. In our Work & family Best Practice Guide you’ll find tips to develop and apply workplace policies to help your staff balance their work and family responsibilities.

We also have a Best Practice Guide about the Use of individual flexibility arrangements which explains how to use Individual Flexible Arrangements (IFAs) in your business.

Caring responsibilities and parental leave

From time to time, your employees may need to take leave to look after or start a family. We have a number of fact sheets, Best Practice Guides and templates to help you understand what you need to do and how to do it.