Type: PRS
Date of Outcome: 08/06/2017


Kingspan Environmental Pty Ltd (“the offender) is a company involved in the manufacture of steel water tanks and garden beds. On 17 October 2015 a labour hire employee of the offender was operating a manual curving machine to bend longs sheets of metal to form circular water tanks. The manual curver had two vertical rollers with stop pull wire switches either side of the rollers but no guarding to prevent bodily access to the danger points of the machine. There was a risk of serious injury to employees using the manual curver without guarding. The employee was required to stand within the circular piece of metal and manually feed the sheet into the rollers of the manual curver. The employee operated the manual curver with a foot pedal to control the direction of the sheet. The employee was also required to make constant operator adjustments by way of the manual wheel. During the task of feeding a sheet of metal into the rollers of the manual curver, the employee’s hand was caught in the in-running nip point of the rollers. The trip wires installed on the manual curver did not operate to shut the machine down so the employee was able to extract his hand by reversing the direction of the rollers. The employee sustained injuries to his thumb, first and middle fingers of his left hand which required surgery. The offender pleaded guilty and was without conviction sentenced to pay a fine of $25,000 and to pay costs of $3,500.

Court: Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court
Coram: HH Magistrate Grinberg
Fine: $25,000.00
Costs: $3,500.00
Published: 13/06/2017
Category: Crush injuries; Guarding; Unguarded plant; Failure to provide and maintain plant
Appeal: No