The new Demolition and Excavation compliance codes are now available from the WorkSafe website. The Demolition compliance code replaces the Demolition Code of Practice (1991) and the Excavation compliance code replaces the Safety precautions in trenching operations Code of Practice (1988).

The new codes provide practical guidance on how to improve health and safety at workplaces in relation to demolition and excavation, and meet the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017.

For more information, please contact the WorkSafe Advisory Service on 1800 136 089, Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Check out the new codes

These two new compliance codes join the five compliance codes which were published in March.

The five codes are:

Hazardous manual handling

Facilities in construction

Confined spaces



Copies of all the codes are available on