A new WorkCover WA workers’ compensation dispute resolution system comes into effect today.

The new system – characterised by separate Conciliation and Arbitration Services – will be more accessible and will provide a quicker means of resolving disputes.

This change is a result of stakeholder feedback obtained during a 2009 legislative review and subsequent implementation of the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Amendment Act 2011.

For more information, download the ‘What happens if there is a dispute?’ brochure (PDF – 500kb) or see the Conciliation & Arbitration section of the WorkCover WA website, which includes:
an overview of the new system
the Conciliation Service, profiles of the Director and Conciliation Officers, and the Conciliation Rules & Forms
the Arbitration Service, profiles of the Registrar and Arbitrators, and the Arbitration Rules & Forms
answers to many Frequently Asked Questions.

For general advice on workers’ compensation and injury management, please contact our Advisory Services on 1300 794 744.