One in every 1,100 full-time workers makes a compensation claim for a psychological injury annually. These psychological injury claims are generally significantly more expensive and result in longer periods off work. Return to work outcomes are also poorer compared with physical injury claims.
Prevention of psychological injury through creating a mentally healthy workplace is now considered best practice. There are numerous benefits to the development of a mentally healthy workplace, including enhanced worker health and safety, a reduction in occupational injuries, workers’ compensation claims, absenteeism and increased productivity, and worker satisfaction.
The Mentally Healthy Workplaces Toolkit is the first holistic and integrated mental health toolkit developed by an Australian safety regulator. The toolkit includes practical resources and guidance to help create mentally healthy workplaces, These include:

  • what is a mentally healthy workplace and what are the organisational benefits
  • how to promote good mental health in the workplace
  • how to design work and implement proactive strategies to protect from psychological injury and harm
  • how to support recovery from psychological injury
  • five tips for creating a mentally healthy workplace for small business.

To assist workplaces to become familiar with content in the toolkit, half-day workshops for managers and supervisors are being run throughout the year. They are a great launching pad for creating a mentally healthy workplace.

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