Type: PRS
Date of Outcome: 22/05/2018


TJKJ Pty Ltd (“the offender”) trading as Hope Farm Bakery prepare and bake breads and cake for sale at various shops and markets. On 14 October 2016 an employee of the offender was cleaning a Dough Moulder machine (“the machine”) at the offender’s workplace. The offender did not ensure the machine was isolated before cleaning, instructions for cleaning the rollers of the machine were not posted in a clear and accessible position and the intake point of the in-running rollers of the machine was not guarded. There was a risk of serious injury from coming into contact with the in-running rollers at the intake zone where dough is dropped into the rollers which is a danger point. On 14 October 2016 an employee of the offender was cleaning the machine using a towel to clean off the dry dough on top of the machine and the area around the rollers. As the employee was using the towel to clean the area near the rollers he hit the side of the red emergency stop button. The rollers started moving and the towel got dragged into the rollers. The employee was holding the towel at the time and his right hand got dragged into the rollers. His hand was stuck in the rollers until other employees came to help him remove his hand. The employee’s hand was broken and he required reconstruction surgery. The offender pleaded guilty and was with conviction sentenced to pay a fine of $25,000 and to pay costs of $2,500.

Court:   LaTrobe Valley Magistrates’ Court
Coram:  HH Magistrate Bourke
Fine:  $25,000.00
Costs: $2,500.00
Published: 24/05/2018

Category: Crush injuries; Guarding; Unguarded plant; Failure to provide and maintain plant; Failure to provide a safe working environment; Plant
Appeal: No